What's new in serposcope 2 ?

by Pierre
~ 3 minutes

After a few months of works, serposcope 2 is out ! It is a brand new project, it has been totally redone and most requested features have been implemented. Here is the full change log :

  • More open-source : Serposcope 2 is now under MIT license. It means there is no more commercial restriction to use serposcope, it is now truly open-source.

  • Rewritten in Java : v1 codebase in PHP was built on a small script and was really hard to extend. A full rewrite was needed. The v2 has been fully rewritten in Java and will allow a lot more features.

  • Cross platform : Run on all operating systems supporting java (Windows, Linux, Mac, ...).

  • Really easy setup : v2 is shipped with an installer. The web server is now embedded, there is no need to setup one. Database is embedded too, but you can still use an external mysql database if you want. At last, there is a cron/task scheduler integrated in the application and configurable quickly from options. The only dependence is Java version 8.

  • Competitor tracking : This is one of the new killer feature of Serposcope. For each keyword, we don't track a specific website but all the websites ! You can recover ranking history of a competitor at any time. #12

  • User authentification & permission : Serposcope now handle users, groups and permission. You can create a specific user and restrict him to view only a set of groups. #14

  • Better group flexibility : Searches parameters are no more tied to a group. You can have both local and normal searches in the same group, searches on different TLD in the same group, etc.

  • Scoring system : We now compute a global score for each tracked website based on its keywords ranking. It helps to have a quick idea of the health of a website. It is still a beta feature and the formula will change check serposcope FAQ for more information.

  • New UI

    • As you may have noticed, the UI has been totally redone and is now responsive.
    • Ability to view ranking by search or by website.
    • New summary home page cleaner and easier to read.
    • Changes summary (like in the old v1 home page) available for a specific website.
    • SERP view : list of all the ranked website for a specific keyword.
    • Zoom on charts horizontally and vertically.

  • Massive keyword tracking : Serposcope 2 can track more than 100 000 keywords (we highly recommend switching from the embedded database to mysql database if you plan to track more than 1000 keywords).

  • Mobile search : Simulate searches from a mobile and get mobile search results.

  • Multithreading : v2 can checks multiple keywords simultaneously thanks to multithreading. It is a lot faster if you have many keywords. WARNING: better to have a lot of proxies :) #36

  • Improved tracking : You can track a domain, its subdomains, and now, a specific URL or a regular expression. #35

  • Best ranking : The best position of each keyword for tracked websites is now recorded.

  • Multilingual : Available in French and English, we hope for contributors to make translations for other languages. #37

  • Other fixes :

    • Fixed search from a datacenter #38
    • Random page sleep #10
    • Customizable number of result per page #7
    • Move keyword from one group to another without losing history #11
  • Regressions : There have been some regressions we hope to fix quickly
    • SOCKS proxy and ipv6 no more supported
    • SERP volatility is no more displayed

We hope to add numerous new features in the future like better reporting, alerts, support for other search engines, mutualized/shared scraping #13, SERP import/export...

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